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What size sparklers do you have?

We are Australia's only supplier of 42c and 70cm sparklers. All are currently in stock and available for shipping today.

How long do your wedding sparklers last?

Although it must be understood that differing weather conditions will affect burn time, our last test had our wedding sparklers come in at the following excellent times:

  • 42cm - 2 minutes and 10 seconds.
  • 70cm - 3 minutes and 30 seconds.

How should I store my wedding sparklers in the days leading up to my wedding?

In the driest place you have available - sheds or laundries are probably not the best places to keep your wedding sparklers due to their potential to encounter dampness.

Make sure that once you hand the wedding sparklers over to the venue (if this is what you have arranged) that they also follow this instruction. Wedding sparklers and kitchen areas just don't mix.

Are wedding sparklers dangerous?

Although wedding sparklers appear to be fun and harmless, they are a combustible device that need to be treated with care. The wedding sparklers (like all sparklers) do burn hot at their sparkle-point and can burn skin if handled. Our sparklers are all made with metal handles instead of timber so that your handling safety is protected as much as possible.

What about my dress? Won't it get damaged?

Wedding sparklers, like any flame, will damage clothing material if it comes into direct contact with it including your dress and the groom's suit. A good tip is to ensure that the sparklers are only used for the send off via a guard of honour, not handed out to guests for them to use throughout the night. Then when it comes to the guard of honour, ensure it is wide enough for both bride and groom to pass through with plenty of room on either side. Ensure all your guests do not wave their sparklers at other guests.

What about the send off - any tips?

Depending on how you have presented the sparklers to your guests (e.g. as a wedding favour or as you are leaving), it is a good idea to give your MC a quick briefing on how to run the sparkler send off. Make sure you stress to the guests not to start lighting their sparklers until they have been given instructions to do so. This point alone will ensure the best possible send off photo.

Why not just use normal sparklers?

There are a few reasons - first and foremost, they don't last long enough. No sooner than you have finished lighting half the guests' sparklers then they are already starting to go out. Our wedding sparklers have been clocked at u pto 3 and a half minutes (depending on size)  giving you ample time for all guests to light their sparklers and get in formation for your send off.

Secondly, photos tend to look a lot better when high and wide sparklers appear in the frame, giving that classic "Handel's Fireworks" look.

Can I use them indoors?

It is not a good idea to use wedding sparklers indoors due to their propensity to give off smoke that can wreak havoc with smoke alarms. For this and other reasons, most venues will not permit you to light sparklers indoors.

Do they give off smoke?

Yes. Not billowing amounts, but they do give off a light smoke as they burn.

Do these wedding sparklers only look good at night time?

Not at all - we've seen some absolutely beautiful photos taken during the day, especially as the sun is low in the sky. They create a dreamy, romantic feel that your photographer will love to shoot.

Can I use them as a wedding favour?

Yes! We offer a range of sleeves, match boxes and match books that allow you to lay these out as a beautiful wedding favour for guests which prove to be an absolute smash hit!

How is the printing on match boxes and match books done?

We print on an adhesive label that is then attached to your match books and match boxes. This is a smart, neat and easy way to deliver a cost-efffective short run of matches for your event.